About Pineapple Web Design
Our Design & Development Process

How We Work

  1.   Research

    Before producing any designs or software, it is important to understand your goals, target audience, any existing competition and on-going maintenance needs. Meetings will either be in person or by phone. Understanding your vision will help us help you achieve the best.

  2.   Plan & Design

    Based on our understanding of your needs and goals, we will produce various design media as required. This can include design wireframes, user experience design, colour schemes, logos, images and full colour mockups. You will be able to review these designs to make sure we are all on the same page.

  3.   Build

    Once we have the designs and plan, we will build your product to the highest standards and quality. This includes coding the website / software; adding any content to it; setting-up web hosting and creating any databases as required.

  4.   First Proof & Changes

    There is always a first draft of your website / software for you to review and suggest any ammendments. This may include changing text, images or video; changhing the layout slightly; or tweaking other minor elements. We always aim to help you achieve your vision as closely as possible.

  5.   Final Testing & Going Live

    Once any required ammendments have been made, so that you are happy with the final product; we will either hand-over the materials or upload them to your web-hosting for testing and launch. This, of course, depends on your requirements. Any training required will also take place at this stage.